Brooke Rogers


I’m Brooke, a young designer and creator that is not only aiming towards creating attractive objects and pictures, but designing something that contains heart & jazz behind it while adding a touch of something that emotes feelings and desires. I am also known as a hustler (modern slang meaning: relentless, ambitious, resourceful, hard working, go-getter, determined to succeed) who is all for diving deep into finding a solution to the problem. Full of spontaneousness & spunkiness— I’m driven by empathy, I believe in tackling problems, I respect creative curiosity, & I’m slightly a design nerd.

3 things about me: 

  1. I am a music junkie that loves making playlists 
  2. I never mess around in the kitchen (aka Chef Boyard Brooke)
  3. I enjoy getting on a bike that physically goes no where with my Soul Cycle Fam 

So on that note! Here’s to finding the perfect mix of typography, patterns, colors, shapes, layouts & successfully acing hierarchy… simply & seamlessly make an audience feel something. 



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