Brooke Rogers

100 Days of Overheard Conversations

Case Study, Editorial

Within the streets of Tampa, Florida is full of characters and personalities who don’t care who hears what. This collection of pieces are from real life conversations overheard on the sidewalk, in coffee shops, or walking through the downtown neighborhoods. 

How many times have you been up past late hours, pacing back and forth on coffee because you “accidentally” ordered one too many extra cups of iced coffees with a shot of espresso to not miss a word of the fascinating conversation between the Old Coot and the Yuppie Hippie sitting at the next table at the corner deli on Swan!

And so, Tampa keep talking the talk. You might be the unexpected afternoon entertainment someone needed. Don’t ever whisper, speak out and loud and preferably in my direction. 

How many times have you made a New Year resolution like picking up a new hobby, or hitting the gym? And how long (or short) have you stuck to it? I had the same apprehensions before starting the 100-day challenge. But I made it.

I decided to take on the 100 days challenge of design started by Micheal Bierut. This is a workshop that undertakes a daily project- conceptualizing, executing, and documenting some task for 100 days.