Brooke Rogers

COVID- 19 Campaign

Advertising, Art Direction

This series of visual graphics dedicated to informing the public in these trying times. Utilizing language from the CDC, this public campaign serves as a reminder we are all in this together, while taking part in the duties you need to fulfill. This campaign was used throughout the University of Tampa to remind students of the seriousness of what is going on throughout the world. While school is back in session, there is a “new normal” informed.


"Brooke, I have been so impressed by the student-driven educational programming that has been coming out of Live Well UT and the Office of Public Information. We know that when students hear messages from their peers they are more effective than when similar messages are originated from administration. Gina Firth has been keeping me informed of your creative work and has shown samples of your posters, social media campaigns, and videos. It is clear you are in touch with your peers and have a strong understanding of what will resonate with them. Please know how much we value your partnership and your commitment to the Spartan Shield Health and Safety Plan. We will continue to be successful because of your efforts."
-Ronald L. Vaughn (President of The University of Tampa)
Brooke, Thanks for all your efforts with our educational marketing. I echo Dr. Vaughn’s sentiments. So glad you are at UT!
-Stephanie Russell Krebs, Ph.D. (Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students)