Brooke Rogers

Our House Is On Fire

Editorial, Experiment Design

Summary: Our House Is On Fire is a small coffee book that tackles the purpose of educating climate change in todays world. This book is designed to spread awareness in the simplest ways focusing on the voice of a 17 year old eco activist. 

Problem: Climate crisis is quickly approaching on human kind and the natural world. Our present day global warming, a consequence of increased greenhouse gases caused by burning of fossil fields, deforestation has also exacerbated droughts and contributed to wildfires, It is critical that we act now. We must recognize the harmful damage that we have caused. There is no planet B. Many say we will not make a difference on our own because of the men in charge, but from the people who are educated and understand what is going on, we can be the catalysts for worldwide change.

The bold visual language of the book draws towards the strong message with a straight forward, in your face approach towards eco– activism. The choice of having a san serif and a handwritten type face was to show the importance of the matter with a sincere message towards the audience. This palette was chosen because of yellow being energetic and optimistic to highlight the problem. The royal blue was chosen for the nature of feeling serene but also having a distance being educated towards the situation.