Brooke Rogers

Campaign Design for Rooster Advertising. Branding. Case Study. UX & UI. Web Design. / 2020

Farmworkers are the invisible frontline labor force of a country’s food supply. While many nations are reeling from the economic shocks of the pandemic, farmworkers—the vast majority being immigrants—make sure that we don’t go hungry. Many of them do not qualify for government stimulus packages, making it critical that they get access to safety net services like legal aid, healthcare, housing aid, counseling and/or food distribution. This is where the International Consortium of Farm Workers created an app that is an easy platform to explore and find more information.

Brooke Rogers: Art Director, Research Management, Social Media Campaign, Website Design

Hayden Skaggs: Art Director, Illustrator, Research Management

Johanna Nimmo: Art Director, UX & UI Design App

Taylor McCormick: Art Director, Research Management, Ad Media Campaign, Illustrator 

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