Brooke Rogers


Hot Diggity

Hot Diggity Advertising, Branding, Package Design Hot Diggity sauce is a craft hot sauce created in Pennsylvania. This unique sauce delivers strong heat and a lot of flavor by using all natural ingredients and exciting combinations.  Hot Sauce created in […]

My Body My Rules

My Body My Rules Advertising, Concept Development, Social Campaign, Screenprint, Society6 Prints Three poster series is to create awareness on struggling with perception of the aesthetic and/ or sexual attractiveness of the body. My body my rules is a social […]

Desires In A Wrecked Society

Desires In A Wrecked Society Editorial, Newsprint Social media has allowed us to produce our own outward persona to the public, while presenting our own fabricated sense of authenticity. We are all guilty of alter the realities in which we […]


ART + DESIGN Advertising, Case Study, Editorial Design, School Campaign The University of Tampa wanted to re-brand for the incoming and transfer students to reflect changed direction to help increase the visibility and desires to come to study and transform within […]

Our House Is On Fire

Our House Is On Fire Editorial, Experiment Design Summary: Our House Is On Fire is a small coffee book that tackles the purpose of educating climate change in todays world. This book is designed to spread awareness in the simplest ways focusing on […]


Wavewood Advertising, Branding, Typography Designers create culture revolving around typography, including food culture. In this case, the brand revolves around telling a story of this laid back, fun atmosphere. Wavewood is a restaurant where you can dine in or take […]

100 Days of Overheard Conversations

100 Days of Overheard Conversations Case Study, Editorial Within the streets of Tampa, Florida is full of characters and personalities who don’t care who hears what. This collection of pieces are from real life conversations overheard on the sidewalk, in […]